Month: November 2019

What types of loans are there? | Information and tips about money

You are looking for a loan so you want to know what types of loans there are. Because which loan should you choose now. Not all loans are suitable for everyone or for every purchase. This may sound strange, but it is not. For example, it is not convenient to choose a loan to buy Read More

Borrow money without a permanent contract or with a temporary contract

The labor market has become more flexible over the last 15 years, many employees have a fixed-term employment contract. An employment contract for an indefinite period with an employer is less common. In addition, employees change employer more often because they can find a new challenge somewhere else or develop further. This is really a Read More

Borrow money with a benefit

Whether it is possible to borrow money with a benefit depends on the type of benefit. It is important that the benefit is future-proof, meaning that there is certainty about the amount and duration of the benefit. In addition, it is of course also important that sufficient income from the benefit is received to be Read More

Payment problems with a loan

All kinds of situations can arise in a human life, causing payment problems with a loan. These payment problems can lead to arrears on the rent, mortgage, energy costs, health insurance and a loan. The backlog can run so high that serious problems arise. Backlog loan With a loan you have made an agreement with Read More