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What types of loans are there? | Information and tips about money

You are looking for a loan so you want to know what types of loans there are. Because which loan should you choose now. Not all loans are suitable for everyone or for every purchase. This may sound strange, but it is not. For example, it is not convenient to choose a loan to buy Read More

Borrow money without a permanent contract or with a temporary contract

The labor market has become more flexible over the last 15 years, many employees have a fixed-term employment contract. An employment contract for an indefinite period with an employer is less common. In addition, employees change employer more often because they can find a new challenge somewhere else or develop further. This is really a Read More

Borrow money with a benefit

Whether it is possible to borrow money with a benefit depends on the type of benefit. It is important that the benefit is future-proof, meaning that there is certainty about the amount and duration of the benefit. In addition, it is of course also important that sufficient income from the benefit is received to be Read More

Payment problems with a loan

All kinds of situations can arise in a human life, causing payment problems with a loan. These payment problems can lead to arrears on the rent, mortgage, energy costs, health insurance and a loan. The backlog can run so high that serious problems arise. Backlog loan With a loan you have made an agreement with Read More

Borrowing in addition to a mortgage

Borrowing in addition to a mortgage, is that possible? Many consumers ask themselves this. Whether this is possible depends on the maximum borrowing capacity, which you can easily calculate with our calculator. To calculate a loan, a number of data are important, namely your monthly net income, the family situation and the net housing costs. Read More

Can I take out a loan with BCR coding?

If you take out a loan, this is registered with the Credit Registration Office, also known as BCR. This happens when you take out a loan in the form of a personal credit, but nowadays you also get a BCR registration when taking out a mobile subscription or a lease car. You will then receive Read More

Quickly take out a business loan for SMEs and ZPP employees

Good Finance is not just a lender. Borrowing money at Good Finance is done in a special way. You do not borrow the money from a bank but from investors. And you can be this investor yourself. This allows you to take out a business loan at a low interest rate because everything is handled Read More

Money Borrowing and cohabiting

Are you going to live together or live together? Then the subject Borrowing money and living together can be interesting. If you live together and you take out a loan for which you both sign, then you are both responsible for this. But what happens if you start living together and one of the two Read More

How we independently compare different providers

Did you know that you can save a lot of money by comparing different loan providers? Most people still go to their own bank when they want to take out a loan. However, taking out a loan via the internet from a relatively unknown provider can be rewarding. Read on how we independently compare different Read More